Retired Members

MemberServiceYears of Service
Charles Atkinson?0
Randy Bailey1984 to 200622
Clem Bilger?0
Timm Bilger?0
Scott Bowser1976 to ?0
Jim Dietch?0
Donna Fairfield-Green1988 to 200922
David Garman1972 to 199221
David Green1992 to 200917
Roger Gump?0
Robert Hedges?0
Tim Hough1984 to 200218
David Houser1984 to 200319
Einer Jenson1941 to 199352
Carl Jenson983 to 199714
Rita Jenson1985 to 199712
Mike Messmann1976 to 20020
Robert Messmann1981 to 200625
David Murphy?0
J.T. Newman1958 to 199335
Harold Pranger1944 to ?0
Allen Scott1986 to 199812
Lawrence Sigler1956 to ?0
Terry Tucker1959 to 1970, 1980 to 199224
Dan West1977 to ?29
Loyal Yoder?0

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